Dandelion Honey

We have a huge yard and always have a field of dandelions, so I decided to try doing something with them.  I made 1/2 the recipe, I didn’t realize exactly how much 350g of dandelions would be!  I started straining with a sieve but ended up using a nut milk bag because it was easier.  After my batched cooled down I put it in the fridge but it didn’t thicken up enough, so I put it back in a saucepan added more sugar about 1/2 cup and simmered it for 20 minutes and let it cool again.

The consistency was just like honey or golden syrup, we all loved it; my spouse even commented that the taste was surprisingly like honey and was expecting tell me it tasted gross.  Next stop Nana and Grandpa, wonder if they will like it.


Dandelion Honey

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